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We don’t like the word “orphanage”.

Our children live in a Home…not a “child warehouse”.

An orphanage can be a cold, scary place for an orphaned, abused or abandoned child, but we believe that God wants us to provide a rich family experience for the children. We eat, play, work and attend church together. We teach them that their Heavenly Father loves them and provides for them through people who care. If these children are not raised in a family environment, they have little chance of success of one day having their own prosperous family. We thank God for the many positive changes we see in the children but without the care and concern of people like you, these children might not ever know the love of Jesus or the love of a true family. Remember…God expects all of us to care for orphans, but He also says that He will “bless (us) in all (our) works” when we do care for them. (Deut. 15:10)
El Corazon De Rey Childrens Home is located just 3 blocks from the Mexican Port of Entry coming into Cd Acuña.  Cd Acuña is just across the bridge which separates Acuña from the Texas town of Del Rio.  The Home can accommodate up to 30 children including infants.  The children coming to us are brought to us from Child Protective Services of Mexico (DIF) as well as private placements.

The stories of the lives of these children can rival any Hollywood nightmare tale. The depravity of humans that would inflict such horrible treatment upon these innocent victims is almost unimaginable.

There are children who were being sold on the black market for body parts...not by some cold and calculating mafioso, but their grandmother! 

There are children here who have been sold for sex on a nightly basis by mothers or other family members.

There are those very little ones that have been sexually abused in unspeakable ways by both men and women.

There are those that have experienced horrible hunger because they have been so terribly neglected or even abandoned.

And then there are those who are simply orphaned having no one in this life that they can call Mommy & Daddy.

God's heart must surely break.

Our desire is to maintain a home where these children can feel safe, be loved by a family, be taught the Word of God, receive an education and develop a plan for their future as they grow.
...And we even have
FUN!   ...that's important too.

We thank God for the people that He has joined to us as financial partners so that this work can continue to grow. Without financial partners coming alongside us in this work, it would be hard to provide the kind of care that we do. We are always looking for ways to expand our ministry and so we are always looking for new partners to grow with us.

We are making a difference in the lives of the children that live with us, but with more partners we can reach many more lives!
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